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Are you going around the same mountain?

August 3, 2017



 What I mean is how often do you say to yourself, 

" I've been this way before"

and it seems the relationships, health issues, career and other areas of our lives all merge back into a pattern of behaviour that we don't particularly like or want, yet we seem to attract time and time again.

I once heard this account of a lady who was in a 'self -esteem' growth workshop. She along with the rest of the group, was asked to write on a small postcard the story of their life. This is what she wrote:

Day 1- I walked down a street and fell into a hole, it wasn't my fault-I did not see the hole, and it took me a long time to get out. 

Day 2- I walked down the street, I was aware of the hole and walked around it, I still fell in, it wasn't my fault and it took me along time to get out.

Day 3. I went down the street- I tried to jump over the hole, I fell in, It took me awhile to get out of it. It wasn't my fault.

Day 4. I walked down the street and even though I was aware of the hole I fell in. I got straight out, I knew it was it was my fault.

Day 5. I went down another street.

It seems for many of us we can take a lifetime of bad choices and circumstances before we realise we actually need to do something to change this pattern in our lives.

The first step out of the hole is to acknowledge you're actually in the hole.

The second step is to  understand why you got into the hole.

The third step is to accept responsibility for falling into the hole

The fourth is to find a way out

The fifth is to learn a new route to avoid anymore holes.


Have a blessed day!












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